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11 Jul 2016
Be Healthy – Be Happy

By Neeta Nimish Mehta

“I never chose my path, it was chosen by God to whom I am extremely grateful.”

India is the land where yoga was born and it is considered to be a five thousand year old mental, physical, spiritual practice with numerous benefits.

I have successfully completed my teachers training course in Yoga. I have been teaching Ashtanga yoga and Hatha yoga since the past 12 years. I have intensively studied Hatha yoga, Ashtang yoga, bhandas, sun salutation, Tibetan rites and other various elements of yoga like Pranayama( breathing technique), Asana (yoga postures), Dhyaan (Meditation). I am currently conducting yoga classes under the name “Neeta’s Wellness Yoga” for Palanpur Samaj Kendra. I am also a substitute instructor at the Malabar Hill Club, Priyadarshini Park and Ma Yogshakti Aashram (Jal Darshan). I have also given a yoga demonstration in Prerna Group at Manav Mandir School. Additionally, I have also conducted yoga classes for children from ages 8-14 years.

The International Yoga Day is being observed on the 21st of June since 2015. The Palanpur Samaj Kendra and Women’s Forum for the first time organised a yoga event on the international yoga day for the community. It was a thrilling experience on the international yoga day.

The monsoon had begun in full swing but it did not dampen the spirits of the attendees. The atmosphere in the hall was very special with many people ready with their mats to take part in yoga.

The session began with prayers, stretching, aasanas, and pranayama along with the description of the benefits and impacts of yoga. I could see everyone putting in tremendous effort and performing with great synchronisation.

The session drew to a conclusion with memory gazing,  chanting of Om and shanti(peace). Last of all, the students from the yoga class performed a few Asanas. Everything went off very smoothly, thanks to the Womens Forum for organising this event. It was a great pleasure to conduct the yoga session at Kamala Hall on the International Yoga day.
Today’s lifestyle requires a state of composure and sharp insight to solve any problem one faces day to day. The ‘Yogic’ attitude helps to restore calmness of the mind and mental equilibrium in the shortest period of time.

Practice Yoga – Experience Peace, Happiness & Health forever

Be Healthy – Be Happy.


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