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04 May 2012
Chaos in the City

by Yash Nishit Shah

Yash is the son of Jayshree and Nishit Anilbhai Shah. This poem is from his debut book of entitled “Speak, Smile & Shine”



There is chaos in the city,
And nothing seems alright.
The rich has gone richer,
Does he care for the poor’s plight.
In the name of democracy,
We have been cheated in our den.
We claim to live in a free country
But we are slaves of our men.
The air that once smelt of peace,
Has been dusted and polluted.
Brotherhood, care, job and content,
Have died and been cremated.
Families braking, tearing apart,
There ain’t no soul you’d trust
The age-old bond of humanity,
Has rust and lost its lust.
There is hatted in the heart,
And a violent revolution is in sight.
We’ve tolerated far too much,
Its time we fright for our right.
We’ve sunk too much deep down,
Its time to rise above.
We ain’t need no miracle,
All we need is a bit of love.


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