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23 Aug 2009
Unity against Terrorism

by Rachita M. Doshi

Rachita is the daughter of Reena and Miten Vinay Doshi.

‘When will the ordeal end?’ this was the line on every Mumbaikar’s lips on the 27th of November. The previous evening had been one of the most disastrous evenings in the history of terrorist attacks. There had been a series of events that had occurred at some of the most famous spots in Mumbai.

It all started on the 26th evening with firing at Leopold Café, Colaba. These terrorists were sitting in the café, having dinner peacefully in the café itself. They paid the bill after which they opened fire at the innocent people. Two of the staff members of the café were reported to have lost their lives. After this, there was open fire reported at the Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus, where 2 terrorists opened fire at the public. These 2 terrorists were captured live, in the act in CCTV cameras installed at CST.

Then there was a bomb blast at Vile Parle in a taxi. A news journalist was shot in the hand by the terrorists near metro cinema, who were speeding by in a police van. After sometime reporters got the news that there were terrorists in the Trident Hotel at Nariman Point. Terrorists had got into the hotel and had killed anyone who came in their way. They reached the Tiffin restaurant in the old building and had opened fire. Many people lay dead after only their first round of fire. They, then, headed towards the upper floors and set fire to a few of the hotel suites. They also held many people present in the hotel as hostage.

This kind of situation also prevailed at the Taj Mahal Palace and Towers, Colaba which is one of the heritage structures in Mumbai. There were about 6 to 7 terrorists in the hotel. They entered from the lobby and fired at everyone there, and in the process killing many staff members. The people gathered around the Taj heard many explosions thereafter but could not see anything. 

Now, there were terrorists at Nariman House at Colaba. This building housed most of the Israelis and the Jews. The terrorists killed many foreigners here.

Everywhere police was called immediately and they held their positions all throughout till the time the NSG commandoes went into the hotels and Nariman House to carry out rescue operations. They did not move for one and a half days, to protect the people. The NSG commandos did not fire or throw grenades to kill the terrorists so that, if any hostages were remaining, they would be saved, that was really commendable. NSG commandos went into Nariman House from the terrace, where they were suspended from a helicopter. They took a lot of care and then entered the building

After two days the ordeal got over, of which the outcome was many people injured and many dead. This day will be remembered by one and all forever.

After a week there was a peace march at The Gateway of India where there were around a lakh of Indians, calling for Justice & Protection. There was a strong feeling of unity & solidarity.

Hats off to all Mumbaikars.
                                      JAI HIND..!!


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