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02 Feb 2021
Lockdown; What A Teacher It Has Been......

Right from satire to sad stories to very many tragedies, 2020 has been quite a emotional roller coaster ride. People all across the world would not have experienced such a mass emotional turmoil in the last century if we were to express it categorically. However with every adversity comes lot of opportunities if you are witty enough to acess the situation purdently.

If we were to speak about Indian context and particularly our house wives I can't stop gloating about the achievements our women folks have done during the last year and continuing to reap it even in present date. Within the first three weeks most of people were able to analyse the gravity of the situation and started pulling up their socks to be able to survive the pandemic. Many of the homes turned themselves into a micro business unit trying their hands from cookery to handicrafts to making personal care products. You name it and it was available, well mostly.

This was not just a survival instinct but also saving oneself from boredom and utilising time to the optimum level. Suddenly there was a  increase in family cohesion and co-ordination. Each member took the onus to volunteer for house chores to other business activity. More time was spent on doing hands on work than scrolling through social media platforms. Neighbours started interacting and they were the first line of support in times of emergency and sudden crisis. From children to male members of the family started learning survival skills mostly which is cooking to be specific.

There was also a collective consciousness that life was possible without holidays and expensive shopping. That you would not die if you didn't have the new collection dress from PRADA in your wardrobe or your children would suffer from depression if they didn't watch the new season of thier favourite super hero. People started adapting to this new normal and the vulgar display of material success came to a screeching halt momentarily. Life slowed down to almost zero and still people could sail through it.

Last year genuinely gave time to introspect and realise how little our needs are. Life is so simple if we do not add a never ending list of wants in it. There was no scope of one up attitude and people subdued to make the most of each day. Many of them discovered new hobbies or got time to follow thier passion. For those who were not affected with the virus worked more hard to keep themselves fit and increase their immunity. There was a shift from viewing world from external to internal self. There was more quality time for things your body and soul needed. The planet started repairing itself and all the other species got a feeling of being a part of this beautiful Earth. They overcame the fear from humans and enjoyed freedom. Their clan started to grow in many folds.

With all this postive things that happened last year wouldn't it be fair to call the PANDEMIC a big teacher and a blessing in disguise? 


Founder Mystic KAORI


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