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24 Feb 2013
Mishty and I

by Rina Raju Mehta

On the 24 September 2007 an angel came into our lives.
Her name is Mishty, which means sweet
She is awesome, stylish & very cool, & her masti & fun is quite a treat.
Her droopy eyes are expressive & her short tail shows happiness… she barks till you go deaf.
A girl with attitude & some laziness.
She loves her games & food & likes a nice car ride.
She is a Gujju to the core with a SOBO attitude, a girl with full confidence & pride.

Mishty came home to us from my elder daughter & son-in-law. She is a vegetarian dog, and never leaves for her morning walk, without her BADAM. My daughter calls her a BAKARI because she eats all raw vegetables & demands a bribe from the vegetable vendor who comes to the door.

Mishty shares a unique bond with each family member. Her best friend is my elder daughter, and Mishty is completely mad and crazy about her. Mishty will miss all her activities if my daughter is home and sticks to her.

Like all of us, Mishty also loves to get a massage done, her massage buddy is my younger daughter. Mishty is the only one who can wake my son up, she barks, paws & licks him. The only person who table feeds her is my husband, but he is also the one who disciplines her. If she has done something wrong, she reads his face and jumps up to lick him and say sorry.

Mishty & I share a relation of a mother & child. She came to me when she was just two months old. As her pet parent, I gave her all the warmth a child needs. Mishty like any human child had to be groomed, trained. At home, Mishty is my best companion, we talk to each other & she understands all my emotions & knows how to handle them too. She accompanies me when I shop for fruits, vegetables & grocery and patiently waits in the car for me. She is very demanding, if she wants something, or wants to play.

My help takes good care of Mishty. She is adored and has been accepted by the extended family as well. Be it pujas or family gatherings or parties, Mishty is always invited.

Mishty’s birthday is celebrated every year with her mother Julie, sister Mahi & their pet parents. One annual holiday is planned for her and we all enjoy it with her.

Many who were scared of animals, have overcome their fear of animals due to Mishty loving and gentle behaviour. She loves children and many times she is taken to play schools on pet days. Its her unconditional love towards humans & she teaches us the same, just to give with ni expectations.

Its five years now, Mishty has brought a spark to our family. She is the darling & sweetheart of all, let It be elders, children, security, the helps In our building.

We thank God for bringing Mishty into our lives, he has really sent an angel to us.

We love u darling MISHTY!!!!


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