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19 Jun 2013
Dedicated to Dearest Housewives

by Jignesha Bhansali

Jignesha is the wife of Abhisekh Mukesh Bhansali and currently handles marketing of the family business ABIS IT Infrastructure Solutions.


After working in the corporate world for almost 1½ decade, the very thought of becoming “just a housewife” was scary. I got married about 3 years ago and all of a sudden there was a big vacuum in my life and as if marriage was not enough, moving from Mumbai to Kolkata was another big challenge. I had a long tug-a-war with myself; I consoled and pacified myself everyday that it was not such a bad thing to be a “housewife”. Perhaps the thought of being at home and not able to meet new people, friends and colleagues was depressing. I complained and complained to my dearest husband almost every day and he would patiently and loving tell me that I’ll be soon very busy and occupied with the kind of work I liked doing. The days passed but my will to go out and work was getting stronger and stronger. Then one day my life completely changed, I got up just to realize that my whole perception about me being “just a housewife” changed completely. I was feeling so light and happy and since then I’ve started loving to do my chores happily and enthusiastically. I am sure all my housewife friends would like to know what happened. Here’s my approach about my role of a “housewife”.

I think I am the director or the chairperson or CEO (whatever designation you like the most) of this organization called “House”, in short a house functions like an organization. You’ve got your maids, servants, cook, gardener, driver, cleaner as your employees. Your husband or any working member/s represents the sales force of your organization coz they earn similar to the sales people who sell the company products. The housewife (director) delegates roles and responsibilities to her employees about different kinds of domestic chores in the house, her children and in-laws fulfill the role of marketing team as they constantly give inputs and new ideas about doing things differently. They will never agree with the sales team coz they would always want to spend more money than the sales team can earn. The director also has to attend to crisis in emergency situation, in this case the appliances getting spoilt during breakfast and lunch making time hence the housewife’s crisis management skills come into action. The servants and other people don’t turn up some days so she’s to look into sick and casual leaves as well and still go on to complete the daily house chores which is the “daily target” in corporate term. She keeps improvising the looks of the house by bringing new curtains, upholstery and furniture which is similar to changing the product packaging to always keep in demand and fresh look. She always tries to work within the budget preventing the company from going into losses. She masters the art of house- keeping. She’s very creative as she knows how to decide daily food menus differently for her husband, children and in-laws. She is also a great business woman coz she knows how to build relationships with friends and relatives, in this case the term “business” means winning people’s hearts and making strong bonds. She’s also a great planner as she stocks all the required grocery and other necessary house hold things in advance before it gets exhausted. When the company has fit and smart director the organization surely flourishes and prospers, here in this case, when the house wife does all the responsibility sincerely the house will surely be the most happiest place to live in. In short she’s the heart and soul of the organization, without her the entire organization can collapse. Imagine those houses that do not have a lady, in most of the cases those houses are a nightmare and in sad condition. Today I feel very proud to say that yes I am a “Housewife” who has the art and skills of running this organization so smoothly. When I am away on holidays, my folks miss me the most coz the organization is without the back bone. People in the house can not synchronize with each other coz they simply can not fulfill the director’s role.

So to all my dearest house wives, stand up tall and introduce yourselves in the loudest voice and say that you not “just a house wife but the director of your organization. Three cheers to all the directors hip hip hurray


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