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04 Jan 2021

Stop looking around and start to look within. 

For you are that Superwoman; a version that you seldom imagine. No cape or high heels or corset laden dress.

You do the most ordinary work that no one really cares. You still do it with absolute grace.

You give up your priorities to see comfort on so many faces. However it all goes unnoticed.

You help frail hands and expect nothing back.

Yet you are scorned for doing it a little less.

You raise your children to make them responsible citizens. But still the credit goes to dad for wearing the pants.

You wear fine lines and crowfeet of worry for the family and in return you are labelled as old lady.

You run from pillar to post for your hubby but sometimes he thinks you have gone crazy.

You make your world around your family and they think your always a bit too nosey. 

Hey woman shake yourself up and stop living in sympathy. Have four shots of vokda and identify your priority. 

Live the look your find in that other lady and shape your mind to give upself an identity.

The world is at your feet if you consider that possibility coz your that Superwoman that is born as beautiful lady. 




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