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22 Feb 2009
Academics and the Pursuit of Dreams

By Shefali Parikh


Shefali Parikh, daughter of Bahula and Pradeep Kishorkant Parikh, secured first rank in the state in 2008 with 198 / 200 in the Maharashtra Medical Common Entrance Test (CET). She secured 90% in the Science stream in the HSC exams in 2008 from B.D. Ruparel College.

Good Morning to one and all present here. Its feels absolutely wonderful to be felicitated by one’s own community. Also, I would like to extend a very special thanks to my parents.

You have heard a thought provoking speech today so I’ll be talking on something much simpler - Academics and pursuing one’s dreams.When one talks about oneself, it is either said that he had nothing else substantial to talk about or that he is blowing his own trumpet. I seek to do neither, but to simply send the message across that academic laurels are within every child’s realm of potential.

What any of us have done today is nothing extraordinary. It is simply a matter of dedication, clarity of thought, sense of purpose and desire for growth.

I’ve often been asked- why do you study so much? Burn your books and relax. The answer is very simple- Each one of us must strive to live up to the potential one has within himself. Strive to be the best you can, push yourself to see how far you can go. Never let anyone tell you that- “Hey, YOU CAN’T”

All children are divine and gifted. Nothing is impossible for them. It’s only a matter of will and guidance. May it be academics, art, sports or any other field- find your niche and excel. Balance studies with hobbies, friends, family and even simply “time pass”. Everything is necessary for holistic growth but when you are studying, stay loyal to it, do not let your mind wander.

Enjoy your work and your studies. Never bother about the end of the road – on whether I will get a rank in the final exam…. Whether I will top?.... It’s highly irrelevant. What is important is to discover the joy of learning, the thirst for more knowledge and to ask more questions. Trust me the laurels will follow. Be bold enough to take the path less trodden upon.

Each one of us, including myself has a long way to go. After all, learning is synonymous with life.

Keep your eyes and ears open, dream big, study hard and I assure you that you will go to bed each day with a satisfied smile on your face, thinking that you’ve spent the day well.

Thank you.

Shefali Parikh can be contacted at shelly.esmeralda@gmail.com




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