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G. D. Modi Vidyasankul Organizes Mini Marathon in Palanpur
With the aim of spreading the message of national unity and to strengthen the fight against terrorism, G. D. Modi Vidyasankul, Palanpur organized a mini-marathon in the city on the eve of the 60th Republic Day. The event generated great enthusiasm among young and old, men and women and attracted about 2000 participants.
"Palanpur Rocks" launched
A large number of young Palanpuri couples attended the Sunday Brunch organized by Palanpur Rocks at Shiro’s in Mumbai on January 18, 2008.
Vitraag Asim Mehta represented Maharashtra in Table Tennis at National School Games
Vitraag Asim Mehta was a member of the bronze medal-winning Maharashtra U-14 Boys Table Tennis team at the National School Games 2008-09 which concluded recently at Chandigarh.
Palanpur Civil Hospital taken over by Wockhardt
Wockhardt Hospitals took over management of the Palanpur Civil Hospital on January 12, 2009 as per the terms of the MoU signed between the company and Gujarat government some months ago.
PSK's Carrom Tournament 2008-09 - Results
Winners of Carrom Tournament 2008 – 09
PSK's Chess Tournament 2008-09 – Results
Winners of Chess Tournament
PSK's Tennis Tournament 2008-09 – Results
Winners of Tennis Tournament 2008-09
Major Industrial Development Likely Around Palanpur
The region around Palanpur is likely to see some major industrial development in the coming years with the Gujarat state government choosing the Palanpur – Mehsana Industrial Area as one of six areas in the state chosen for special attention under the Special Investment Regions
New Kidney Care Chain Inaugurated in Mumbai
The first two centres of Apex Kidney Care (AKC), a unique chain that will provide comprehensive high quality dialysis in a stand alone day care setting
Prarthna Sabha - Suryakantbhai Dhudalalbhai Gandhi - Date: 23 Jan 2009
Satishbhai Champaklal Parikh (age 62) passed away - Date: 22 Jan 2009
Jayanandbhai Chimanlal Kothari (age 87) passed away - Date: 21 Jan 2009
Suryakantbhai Dhudalalbhai Gandhi (age 78) passed away - Date: 21 Jan 2009
Manjulaben Jayantilal Shah (age 79) passed away - Date: 20 Jan 2009
Arunkumar Jayantilal Mehta (age 64) passed away - Date: 15 Jan 2009
The Hirani Mehta Parivaar is a direct descendant of Samrat Prithviraj Chauhan of Delhi. Thus they were Chauhan Rajputs. During the reign of Samrat Prithviraj Chauhan, Delhi was invaded several times. The wars continued for a few years and finally Samrat Prithviraj Chauhan was defeated by Mohammad Ghori.

Bhattarak Shree Devanand Suriji Maharaj Saheb initiated Lalparas into Jainism in Vikram Samvat 605 (549 AD) at Shree Dhanani Nagar. Before initiation they were Soni Gana Chauhan Rajputs. Shree Jagaji migrated to Patan (Gujarat) from Ranigam in Vikram Samvat 1368 (1312 AD).

During the reign of Nawab of Ghazni, Upal Dev Parmar participated in the Atak War. In Vikram Samvat 1222 (1166 AD), Kamalagachh’s Acharya Ratnaprabh Suri motivated Upal Dev to embrace Jainism.