"Birds eye view to ground realities" by Dilip Mehta
Mr. Dilip Mehta began his presentation by comparing Surat when it was his home in the 1960s to the city today.
Kanubhai C. Jhaveri, Trade Association Veteran and Community Activist, Passes Away
Kanubhai Chunibhai Jhaveri, a leading member of various diamond industry associations and Palanpuri community organizations, passed away in Mumbai on December 23, 2008.
Neeraja Mehta secures second place in Maharashtra State Chess Championship 2008
Neeraja Mehta, daughter of Shrenik and Rupam Mehta, secured second place in Under 7 Maharashtra State Chess Championship 2008
"Catharsis" by Mona Rajani (Choksi)
The world is a different colour today. It is grey and dull. There is heaviness in the air which presses down on me. I am filled with anguish. All around me people are talking about the same helplessness and their rage.
Harshad Mehta Donates US$ 3.5 mn for Global Polio Eradication
Leading Palanpuri diamantaire, Harshad R. Mehta, a director of the Rosy Blue Group, has pledged an additional US$ 1.5 million to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for its polio eradication project during a recent meeting.
Palanpur's Banas Dairy Becomes Largest Milk Procurer in India
Palanpur-based Banas Dairy has emerged as the largest milk procurer in the 13 dairy network of the Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCCMF), displacing the Dudhsagar dairy of Mehsana which had been the No.1 till now.
Prabhaben Rasikbhai Shah (age 82) passed away - Date: 31 Dec 2008
Manjulaben Rajanikant Mehta (age 78) passed away in London - Date: 27 Dec 2008
Kusumben Dalpatlal Parikh (age 86) passed away in Mumbai - Date: 25 Dec 2008
Prarthna Sabha- Kanubhai Chunilal Jhaveri - Date: 25 Dec 2008
Kanubhai Chunilal Jhaveri (age 80) passed away in Mumbai - Date: 23 Dec 2008
Shashiben Parikh nee Kothari (age 90) passed away - Date: 05 Dec 2008
Yashodhara Kirtilal Baxi (age 77) passed away - Date: 05 Dec 2008
Designerwear for children - Chaitali Saraiya
Chaitali Siraj Saraiya specializes in traditional clothes for children (Age 1-12 years), Mumbai
Embroidered sarees, masala kharek and masala black grapes - Mrs. Parul Kothari
Masala Kharek and Embroidered sarees & Punjabi suits as per order, Mumbai
Chocolate and other flavoured rolls - Nisha Mehta
Chocolate, Pineapple, Choco-Almond Rolls and other flavours (Eggless), Mumbai
Different varieties of chocolate coated biscuits - Pinal Mody & Priya Mehta
Biscuits, lollipops, decorative pieces, chocolate mousse, chocolate tarts and gift boxes & many more, Mumbai
JC Gems - Payal Premal Choksi / Deepali Viral Shah
Specialists in manufacturing jadau / Villandi sets, Mumbai
Simla's Jewels - Simla Zaveri, Rushabh Zaveri & Sahil Zaveri
Designing and manufacturing of diamond & jadau jewellery, Mumbai
Design O Faqs - Minal Shah, Sejal Shah, Jyoti Shah
Deals in artefacts, items for home decor and gift items, Mumbai
Design Solutions For Eevry Occasion - Ashmi Zaveri
Design Solutions, Mumbai
According to a story in the Bhagwata Puran, there was a time when Prajapati Daksh organized a yagna called 'Bruhaspatisak'. He invited all the gods but did not invite Lord Shankar, who was his son-in-law. Lord Shankar's wife Parvati went to the yagna at her father's home inspite of Shankar's protest.

In the past, this pilgrimage centre was known as Bheempalli. Surrounded by forests, it was a bustling town with a large population of Jains and very beautiful Jain temples. There were 125 Jain temples, and an equal number of wells and step wells.

Enriching the city centre with its beautiful carvings and rich, intricate beauty is the Motu Derasar, a temple constructed by King Prahladan of Palanpur. It is dedicated to Lord Parshwanath and contains the only existing image of King Prahladan. It has witnessed several tragedies, in the form of various attacks through history, but has been subsequently rebuilt on each occasion.