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18 Sep 2009
Budding artistes: Melange Dance Workshop

A large number of enthusiastic Palanpuri youth participated in the Dance Workshop organized by Melange, the youth club of Palanpur Samaj Kendra at Radio Club on August 30.

The workshop began at 10 am, and after some initial loosening up, all the students were taken through their paces by choreographer Vikram of dance reality show Naach Baliye fame. After a quick course on some general do’s and don’ts, Vikram introduced the participants to lots of new steps, and after a couple o fhours of energetic twisting and turning, the session came to an end.

Seeing the overwhelming response to the workshop, the Melange committee has decided to hold further training sessions at Shanti Bungalow. While the exact dates and times are yet to be finalized, and most of the participants in the August workshop have re-registered themselves, the Melange Committee has announced that those interested in joining may still submit their names.

To register please contact Melange Committee at PSK Office -- Shanti, Kmeps Corner, Tel: +91 - 22 - 2363 2288 or Contact any of the Melange Conveners

Melange Conveners:     
Chirag  9820198910                                   Vishal.B  9819517784
Malvi  9819322663                                     Swapnil  9821422403
Pakshal  9819744660                                  Saahil  9821007077
Pooja  9833930890                                     Shraddha  9833149111
Rachita  9819742612                                   Spruha  9867077778
Rushabh  9820094925                                 Yash  9930586321
Our Mentor and Guide : Dr.Satyavatiben Jhaveri

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