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Amulakhbhai Khubchand Parikh (VS 1898-VS 1966)

Amulakhbhai Khubchand Parikh was born in Palanpur on Posh Sud 15 in Vikram Samvaat, 1898. He came from a well-to-do family and his father was both a businessman and a Potedar in the Nawab’s palace.


The youngest of six brothers, Amulakhbhai was extremely bright and well behaved, and so his parents began his education at the tender age of five.  Young Amulakhbhai excelled in his studies, but unfortunately lost his father when he was just nine. By the age of 12 he got involved in the family business, and his special qualities of honesty, humility, devoutness and praticality brought him success in business.  


In 1956, Amulakhbhai opened a showroom at Apollo Bunder in Mumbai named Amulakh Brothers. This new venture was a huge success and he had business dealings with royal families, governors, viceroys etc. The Nawabsaheb of Palanpur decorated him with the title of Shahsodagar Sheth.

Amulakh Khubchand Parikh
smarak bhavan,
Pattharsadak, Palanpur

Amulakhbhai had an extremely benevolent nature and provided all help and hospitality to young Palanpuri migrants who came to Mumbai to start new businesses. He encouraged youngsters to come to Mumbai and join the business of diamonds and jewellery.  The youngsters could stay at his office for six months and he provided free food to them and took personal interest in their growth and success.  There were several youngsters who took advantage of his hospitality and eventually started their own successful business.


Amulakhbhai passed away on Posh Sud 14 in VS 1966. In his memory, his family members and friends erected the Amulakh Smarak Bhavan and Sravikshala in Palanpur, a tribute that stands even today.

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