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Dineshbhai K. Bhansali (1934-2002) / Maheshbhai K. Bhansali

Dineshbhai K. Bhansali

Dineshbhai K. Bhansali (1934-2002) / Maheshbhai K Bhansali


Dineshbhai Kirtilal Bhansali was born in 1934 and was actively involved from a young age in different activities for the larger good of the community on both the business and social front. He was the founder of the Bhansali Trust.


From the time he entered the business in 1950, Dineshbhai always put aside a fixed percentage of his income for associations involved in social work and other causes, and was himself closely associated with their activities as well. This concern led him to set up the Bhansali Trust in 1968, and he played a key role in developing and expanding the activities of the body for over three decades after that.


Throughout his life he was fully committed to serve the interests of the poorer and needy sections of society. He was involved with a number of educational institutions, religious and industrial organizations, and worked closely with relief funds and charitable trusts on various projects.


For a period of 16 years from 1974 to 1990, Dineshbhai also worked tirelessly for the development of the diamond industry in Mumbai in his capacity as the President of the Mumbai Diamond Merchants Association (MDMA). He was instrumental in helping the association acquire and develop its present office in Panchratna building in the heart of Mumbai’s diamond business district, even providing his own funds (the amount was later repaid) to pay for the property which was bought in the name of the association.


He was a frank, fearless and outspoken leader, and would be willing to face government authorities at both the state and the central level, relentlessly putting forward the legitimate demands of the industry until they were accepted, an endeavour in which he always received wholehearted co-operation from the industry.


Maheshbhai K. Bhansali

Maheshbhai Kirtilal Bhansali was born on March 10, 1942, and has devoted a large part of his life to dedicated social work, even opting to remain a bachelor, so as not to divert focus from his principal passion and his work with the Bhansali Trust.


Despite having studied electrical and mechanical engineering, Maheshbhai plunged into social service during the dreaded Bihar famine of 1967, where he worked continuously for six months. It was the beginning of a life of dedication, and over the next few decades, whether it was the flood havoc in Morvi, the hurricane that devastated Andhra Pradesh, the cyclone in Bihar, the earthquake in Kutch or the floods in Surat, Maheshbhai always rushed to the site of the tragedy where his team of dedicated social workers carried out relief activity under his direct guidance.  


Another noteworthy campaign in which he took a leading role was the relief work among refugees of the Indo-Pak Bangladesh War, which he organized along with the Bombay Diamond Merchants Association and Palanpur Samaj Kendra.


Ever since then he has been a fully committed social worker, playing a leading role in organizing and co-ordinating the activities of the Bhansali Trust as a grassroots level field leader.


The Bhansali Trust is today one of the largest of the trusts set up by the diamond industry with a staff of 661 full time and 1724 part time workers. Its activities cover a wide range of projects in different parts of the country and varied fields.


Dineshbhai passed away in 2002 in Mumbai and Maheshbhai is actively involved in social work in Gujarat and Bihar.

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