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Saif Palanpuri (Saifuddin Gulamali Kharawala) (1923-1984)

Born on 30th August 1923, in Palanpur, Saifuddin Gulamali Kharawala became well known as Saif Palanpuri among connoisseurs of shaayaree mehfils and other ghazalpremis.


Known for his colourful nature, he held audiences and shayars spellbound when he conducted Mushaiaras.


Saif moved to Mumbai for business and other activities. Originally he wrote a lot in Urdu, but he equally enriched Gujarati literature (ghazal sahitya) with his romantic and philosophical ghazals and nazms.


He produced two collections of poems -- Jharukho and Hinchko.


His Nazm Jharukho is not only popular, but also well appreciated by poetry lovers. It is full of compassion.


Shaant jharukhe vaat nirakhati 

roop ni raani joi hati.

Mein aek sahazaadi joi hati

aena haathe mehandi hasatee’tee,

Aeni aankh nu kaajal hasatu’tu

aek naanu sarakhu upvan Jaane mosam joi vikasautu  tu.


Shree Manhar Udhas lent his voice to this Nazm and it reached many thousands of Gujarati music lovers.


Saif’s creative work goes beyond shaayars -- he not only wrote ghazals and nazms, but also novels. For a fairly long period in the later part of his life he was a journalist too.


He gives all credit for his work to Shoonya Palanpuri, Shayada Saheb, ‘Bekaar’ and ‘Ameer Saheb’.


Saif had a classical understanding of both Urdu and Gujarati ghazals. He was able to read different forms of poetry, like ghazals and nazms in all their beauty.


He was somewhat of an introvert and a little happy go lucky, but his language and nature were simple. He suffered for his simplicity and straightforwardness, and was let down by those he considered to be very close. He narrates the pains of these wounds.


Jeevan nee Samee Saanjhe maare,  jakhmo nee yaadee jovee hatee.

Bahu ochaan Naamo Joi Shakhyo, Bahu  angat angat naam  hataa.


The wounded painful heart says –


Phool kera sparsh thee pan dil have gabharaay chhe.

Aene ruzayel Jakhmom yaad aavi Jaay chhe.


Many such painful and delicate nazms were composed, sung and recorded and reached the hearts of poetry lovers. Some of Saif’s more noteworthy collections are Nartika, Himalaya, Tajmahal, Mrugjal, Jawani jai rahee chhe, Sanskruti etc.


The economic and social discrimination, injustice, corruption and lack of moral values in society touched his heart and he expressed his bitter experiences in these words.


Keva yug maan hu janmyo Shayar banee.

Maara yug maan Kavitao vechay chhe. 

Urmionee badhe mashkaree thay chhe.           

Kaam Saara Kare chhe ae Sharamaay chhe.


He struggled a lot in the city of Mumbai, but alongside he nourished his first love –poetry. He passed away after a massive heart attack on May 7, 1984.


In Palanpur, the road passing near his home has been named after him by the Palanpur Municipality.

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