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Ojas Palanpuri (Mota Miyan Ali Miyan Saiyad) (1927-1969)

Mota Miyan Ali Miyan Saiyad was born on July 25, 1927 in Palanpur, and became well known as a poet under the pen name Ojas Palanpuri.


His is one of prestigious names among the Palanpuri contributors to Gujarati literature (ghazal sahitya).


Ojas suffered from several ailments since childhood, and grew up in extremely poor conditions. His marginalized socio-economic upbringing impacted his thought process and was expressed in his poems. He was simplicity personified whether in appearance, attitude, personal nature or lifestyle. And despite the difficult situations, he kept his cool against all odds. Hardly anyone knew, or understood the churning in his heart, and he complained:


            “Takaleef pade chhe toy  hasee laun chhun.

            Mushkelee nade chhe toy hasee lau chhun.

            Aethi-j-to samajee na shakyun Koi mane.

            Man khub rade chhe to hasee lau chhun.“


He has published a collection of poems – Ojas. He wrote in both Gujarati and Urdu. Ojasbhai enjoyed a guru – shishya relationship with Shoonya Palanpuri and also a very close friendship.


The beauty of language, expression, thought and philosophy contained in Ojasbhai’s Shers makes them akin to sparkling pearls.


            “Mareehastee maaree Paachhal ae reete Visarayee gayee

            Aangalee jal maa thee kadhi ne jagaa purayee gayee”.


It is poetry like this which has given him a highly-respected position in Gujarati ghazal sahitya. Ojasbhai died at the young age of 42 on October 4, 1969 due to snake bite.

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