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Musafir Palanpuri (Amir Mohammad Deen Mohammad Sindhi)

Poet Musafir Palanpuri’s original name is Amir Mohammad Deen Mohammad Sindhi.

Born on  June 21, 1948 in Palanpur, had many hardships in childhood and lost his mother at the tender age of 12. He wrote his first poem at that time:


“Ab Mujhe Nahi Koi Pyar Se Bulayega,

Chum kar Hoth Mere Koi Nahi Satayega,

Kal Tune Pukara ‘Mera Raja’ Kahekar

Aaj Mujhe Log Pukarenge Abhaga Kahkar”.


Slowly and steadily he overcame these struggles and achieved economic stability. As a result his poems and writings became more intense and gradually won recognition.


Musafirbhai is a very well known and established shayar of Gujarati literature. He belongs to the traditional school of ghazals. He was always considered a high calibre teacher and received a National Award for ‘Best Teacher’ in 1998.


Musafirbhai lives in Palanpur.

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