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Padmashree F. T. Khorakiwala

Shaikh Fakhruddin Shaikh Taherbhai Khorakiwala (b 1918) a native of Palanpur, studied in Mumbai, and graduated from the Government Law College in 1941. Mr.  Khorakiwala is one of the two (other being Dr.Prakash Nanalal Kothari) Palanpuris to have been awarded the civilian title of Padmashree by Government of India.


Mr. Khorakiwala is the Chairman of the Akbarally Group of Companies, which has department stores set up in 1897. He also serves as the Chairman Emeritus of Wockhardt Ltd. He is also the Chancellor of the Jamia Milia University in New Delhi, and a government nominee on the Board of the Law College.


He has been President of various institutes and organizations like Indian Merchants Chambers (1995-96), The Associated Chambers of Commerce, the Indo-Swiss Society, Saifee Hospital, Council for Fair Business Practices etc.


Mr. Khorakiwala was also the Sheriff of Mumbai in 1993, and was instrumental in setting up Mohalla Committees, which have played an important role in maintaining communal harmony in the city. As President of the Citizens Council for a Better Tomorrow, he organized the Ekta Raksha Bandhan Din (Hands of Harmony Across India) in 500 district towns.


He is also the Founder and President of the Indo-Arab Society and has been conferred the title of NDI by His Holiness Syedna Dr. Mohammed Burhanuddin Saheb (TUS). He is a Member of the Advisory Council of “Population First”, and received the Maharashtra State Vanshree Award in 2003 from the Social Forestry Department. He is also associated with many other organizations in various fields.


Mr. Khorakiwala passed away on July 5, 2011 in Mumbai.

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