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Mafatlal Mohanlal Mehta (1917-2005)

Mafatlal Mohanlal Mehta (1917-2005) or Mafatkaka, as he was more affectionately known by his close friends and associates, was born in Mumbai on September 27, 1917.


He began his formal education at the Fellowship High School, but had to give up studies to join the family firm, Mohanlal Raichand and Sons at an early age.


In 1956 he started his own independent business in the name of Jitendra Diamonds (later Samir Diamonds), and moved to Antwerp where he set up Jayam BVBA in 1960. By 1975, he opened an office in New York in the name of Paras Diamonds, and went on to establish a network of offices in Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Tel Aviv, Singapore and many other places.


A meeting with Mahasati Ujjwalakumariji in 1955 and his later association with Mother Teresa and others made his life take a new direction, and he began to work for the upliftment of the poor, downtrodden and needy. He donated generously to institutions and organizations working for such causes, without any differentiation on caste, creed, religion or race through a Trust set up in memory of his late mother, Smt Diwaliben Mohanlal Mehta.


Mr. Mehta was actively associated with Mother Teresa for over 30 years.  Mother even took him with her to London to attend an awards function for Progress in Religion.  This inspired Mafatkaka to present such awards in Mumbai in memory of his mother.


Diwaliben Mohanalal Charitable Trust contributed for an orphanage known as Ma Niketan in Thane.  It also built Smt. Kamala Mehta Dadar School for the Blind and Smt. Kamala Mehta Andh Kanya Chhatralaya at Pune.


Mr. Mehta passed away on September 12, 2005 in Mumbai.

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