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Bhansali Trust
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Established In - 1969
Promoted By - Late Mr. Dinesh Bhansali, Mr. Mahesh Bhansali & family

640-646, Panchratna,
Mama Parmanand Marg
Mumbai - 400 006
Tel: +91 - 22 - 2363 2235 / 2361 1921
Fax: +91 - 22 - 2363 4293

Contact Person - Mr. Ashok Bhansali

  • Dr. Suresh K. Bhansali - Chairman
  • Mr. Mahesh K. Bhansali - Managing Trustee
  • Mr. Subhash K. Bhansali
  • Mr. Ashok K. Bhansali
  • Mr. Prakash K. Bhansali
  • Mr. Sahil P. Bhansali
  • Mr. Rahul A. Bhansali
The Bhansali Trust is a Public Charitable Trust registered at Bombay in 1969. It was formed with the aim of working for the benefit of the downtrodden in villages of Banaskantha and Patan districts. Over the years it has set up and runs a number various projects in ongoing fields like medical, education, income generation, de-addiction and other socio-economic fields in different districts of Gujarat and other parts of the country. It has been active in relief and rehabilitation work when natural calamities have struck in states like Gujarat and Orissa. Most of the Trust projects are carried out with family funds, while natural calamity relief projects are carried out with funds from Diamond trade and friends. Also the big eye camp at Bodhgaya in Bihar is carried out in partnership with three other Diamond Merchant Friends. Today it is one of the largest trusts set up and run by the diamond industry with 661 full time and 1724 part time staff.

Among the trustees, Maheshbhai looks after the various projects, Ashokbhai devotes ten days in a month to work at the field level with Maheshbhai and Prakashbhai looks after the work at the Mumbai office.


bhansali trust - School Project

The Bhansali Trust manages 862 Aanganwadis in North Gujarat and a further 382 in other parts of the state under the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) programme covering education, health and other child related activities.

It runs five High Schools with hostel facilities in the interior and backward area of North Gujarat, and caters to over 3000 students, a third of whom stay in hostels.

Mr and Mrs Dinesh Bhansali at Opium De-addiction Camp

In addition the Trust is also involved in a number of informal educational initiatives. One such is a programme to educate adolescent girls in matters relating to basic health and personal hygiene, immunisation, family planning and the importance of education and child development. The programme is conducted in 325 villages and has already been offered to over 18,000 girls and has also been extended to cover boys. It has recently set up the “Ujas Yuva Counseling Centre”. The Trust also runs adult education camps.

Another innovative project is the Braille education project for the blind and other physically challenged students from over 400 villages following which they are sent to normal schools. The project has been running since 1992.

Other educational projects include Aanganwadi Workers’ Training Centre since 1991 and the SUVAS project since 2000.

Health Institutions

One of its major projects in the medical field is the 190 bed Gandhi-Lincoln Hospital in Deesa, which was set up in 1982. The hospital currently runs in partnership with Zale Corporation.

The Trust also runs the 55 bed Hospital for women, child and general service in Radhanpur since 1983, which caters to the needs of people of over 200 villages It has a diagnostic centre at Ahmedabad, and a diagnostic centre cum dispensary at Surat, where it also conducts the Jivanshaili Clinic for prevention and treatment of lifestyle disorders.

Operative Camps

Bhansali trust - Bodhgaya Eye Camp

The eye camp at Bodhgaya in Bihar is one of the very significant activities of the Trust. It has been organized every year since 1984. Over 55 Ophthalmologists, 130 nursing staff and 350 volunteers take part, with preparations beginning months in advance when doctors and workers visit 365 centres covering 2000 villages and check over 40,000 patients. Those requiring surgery are called to attend the eye camp in November. So far 2,95,997 cataract operations have been carried out in 24 such camps. Three other associates from the diamond trade are also involved in conducting this camp.

The trust also runs two eye clinics at Tharad and Khedbrahma and its fully equipped mobile team conducts smaller eye camps in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar for eight months in a year. So far over 68,000 cataract surgeries have been conducted at these camps. During 2003, 2004 and 2006 the Trust also organized camps in Buzumbura, Burundi in association with Rotary Club of Buzumbara.

Besides it also conducts medical camps in towns and in the rural areas of Gujarat, and peridiocally holds operative camps for the benefit of polio victims and other disabled people at the Gandhi Lincoln Hospital, including five camps for the operative treatment of cleft lip and cleft palate victims in association with the world famous Operation Smile (USA).

Community Health

Mahesh Bhansali with Rajiv Gandhi at one of the Cattle Camps

The Trust also runs a number of community health projects. These include -- Immunization camps for the last 15 years; Distribution of Vitamin A & prevention of Blindness for last 13 years; Safe motherhood programme through a cadre of Rural Health Workers; Dais (Traditional birth attendants) Training Programme; Spacing & Family Planning; Primary health care by paramedical workers for remote villages where neither any doctor nor any over-the-counter medicines are available even for minor illness with 510 part time and 8 full time workers covering 560 villages; T.B. (Tuberculosis) control programme in 1200 villages from 1984 and CHAPT (Community Health Awareness, Prevention and Treatment), started in 2004 with aim of preventing chronic and mainly non-communicable illnesses in the villages.

Income Generation

Bhansali trust - Maheshbhai with a villager

A number of the projects taken up by the Trust relate to long term development in the rural areas and income generation schemes. Some of these include construction and deepening of wells (over 7000 in Gujarat), encouragement of cottage industry employment through disbursement of Kapas Lodhia machines, sewing machines and activities like woolen carpet and papad making. Loans are also also provided to poor families from small villages to start their own businesses.


A unique project is the Opium De-addiction programme that covers 1100 villages from Gujarat and Rajasthan. 10 workers regularly motivate people to give up opium. So far over 24,963 opium addicts have been cured with a relapse rate of 45%.

Mahila Shakti

Self-help groups are set up among socially and economically backward women, who are encouraged to make small savings each month and then aided through micro-credit. The groups also create awareness among the group members about health, hygiene, education, immunization, de-addiction etc. The Trust already runs 4894 such groups and has a plan to start another 800.

Diamond Cutting Project for Poor & Socially Backward Widows

This unique project was initiated two years ago and aims to help in the upliftment of poor widows living in the small villages of the most backward parts of Gujarat, particularly those at the bottom of the scale in the Below Poverty Line (BPL) group, whose monthly family income is Rs. 600 ($ 15). Widows selected for the scheme are trained in the art of diamond cutting by the Trust.

Diamond Cutting Project

Today there are 8 units in 8 different villages or small towns. Each unit has 60-70 workers. All units are centrally located – traveling time for all workers from surrounding villages is not more than 1/2 an hour. At present nearly 600 women are covered by this scheme. During the training period the workers are given a stipend of Rs. 1000 / month and their travelling expenses. Those who are very poor, get upto Rs. 2000 / month during training period.

One of the important aspects of the project is that the manufacturing profit from this project is being distributed among the workers themselves for their health, education, house repair etc.

The Trust has total manpower of 661 full time and 1724 part time paid staff.


  • Education
    1. Preschool Education through 900 Aanganwadi (K.G. Schools)
    2. Five High Schools with hostel facilities in remote part of North Gujarat.
    3. Adolescent Girls Awareness Programme
    4. Ujas Yuva Counseling Centre (Sex Education)
    5. Blind students’ education programmefor over 400 villages
    6. Aanganwadi Workers' Training Centre7.
    7. Adult Education Classes
    8. SUVAS – It is a project to promote primary education

  • Hospitals & Clinics
    1. 190 bed Gandhi Lincoln Hospital, Deesa
    2. Woman, Child & General Hospital, Radhanpur
    3. Sahyog Dispensary and Diagnostic Center, Surat
    4. Jivanshaili Clinic, Surat

  • Operative Camps
    1. Big Eye Camp, Bodhgaya, Bihar – for last 26 years (in partnership with three other diaond merchants)
    2. Small Eye Camps and Clinics at other places
    3. Eye operation camps in Buzumbura (Burundi - Africa)
    4. Plastic Surgery Camps for Cleft lip and other problems
    5. Polio Correction Surgery Camps
    6. Laparoscopoic Surgical Camps for Family Planning

  • Community Health Programmes
    1. Immunization in over 700 villages
    2. Supplementary nutrition for large numbers of children
    3. Distribution of 300,000 Vitamin A capsules & Prevention of Blindness
    4. Safe motherhood program
    5. Dais (Traditional birth attendants) Training Programme for over 1800 dais
    6. Spacing & Family Planning
    7. Primary health care by over 500 paramedical workers
    8. Tuberculosis Control Programme in 1200 villages
    9. Opium De-addiction program in 1,100 villages
    10. CHAPT (Community Health Awareness, Prevention and Treatment)

  • Income Generating Activities
    1. Distribution of Vegetable Seeds
    2. Deepneing of 7000 wells
    3. Papad making
    4. Woolen Carpets manufacturing
    5. Sewing Machine Distribution
    6. Loans to over 500 families to start their own small business
    7. Distribution of Kapas Lodhia
    8. New Diamond Cutting Project for widows on no-profit basis

  • Financial Support & Other Activities
    1. Financial monthly help to 3oo poor and needy families
    2. 1300 Self-help groups


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